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The clubhouse at Brynwood Swim and Racquet Club is available for rental on a first come, first reserve basis. You must contact the social chair in order to do this. Once your reservation has been accepted, your reservation will appear in the Events section of the website.

The clubhouse has recently undergone renovations, so please expect to leave the facility clean and undamaged. You will be asked for two checks in order to rent the facility, one for rental fee and one for damage and cleaning deposit. The facility will be checked after your event according to a checklist and if everything is found to be in order, your deposit will be returned. Your reservation will not be made until both checks are in the hand of the social chair. The managment reserves the right to refuse any rental with no discussion or explanation.

When you rent the facility, you will have access to the pool and the area to the side of the clubhouse. You may also use the pool-provided grill. You must supply your own charcoal for the grill. You will be responsible for setting up the area as you need, but must return everything to original after the rental. Cleanup is expected at the conclusion of your event. We are renting the facility at a record pace and it needs to be rentable as soon as you are through.

Please read all below before contacting the social chair.

Rental rate

·         Members - $75.00

·         Non-members - The clubhouse is no longer available to non-members

·         Deposit on Clubhouse - $100

If any damage or additional cleaning results in expenses to the club in excess of the deposit, you will be liable for the difference. If there is a situation that requires the club to keep the deposit, it will be the entire deposit at the very least. No partial deposit will be returned, it will be all or nothing.

Members cannot rent the clubhouse for non-members in an effort to get the reduced rate. This is not fair to the members who support the facility with their dues and the rental agreement and liability for the facility will lie with the user. The user will be defined as the person who writes the rental check and the deposit check. If it is determined that a member rented for a non-member function, the difference and any damages will be added to the member's account and the deposit kept.

Sound equipment and TV are available. You need to let the social chair know you need access to them and work out setup. You will need to provide your own music source such as a computer or an iPod. Any damage to the equipment will be charged to the renter.

Please let the social chair know the date and start and end time for the function. We will schedule multiple rentals when possible, but will leave sufficient time between to allow for cleanup. If you are the last rental of the night, you will be expected to clean the facility after the function, not the next day. It will be checked either after the function, or early the next morning so that the facility is clean before the next opening or rental. If the facility is not cleaned by the appropriate time, your deposit will not be returned. You will be responsible for closing the building including turning off all lights, air conditioner and locking all doors. The lights, especially the outside lights, use a lot of electricity and annoy our neighbors. Please make sure everything is off.

Contact information:

Kim White

Brynwood Swim and Racquet Club

3105 Chelsea Drive, Augusta, GA 30909

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